April 29, 2013

Childhood Dreams

All through my childhood, one of my biggest dreams was to have a Feijoa Tree... Weird dream to aspire to I know! But, ya know, everyone has one of those dreams... you know the ones, small and un-substantial, but you still want to achieve it anyway...

When we bought this house, my dream was about to become a reality... not one, but two Feijoa trees {of, course you actually need two trees to get fruit}... and then as Autumn crept into our lives, that dream became even more real, because the fruit started dropping... and didn't stop... I'm in heaven

This was the first yeld we got... we only pick up off the ground, none directly from the tree... the shopping bag has all had the flesh scooped out, and has been frozen ready for baking

This represents approx how many we collect off the ground every couple of days

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