November 26, 2010

25 weeks

I can't really believe that I am 25 weeks already... this pregnancy seems to by flying... maybe it's because I'm too darn busy to pay any attention lol

This photo was taken by Paris today:

I'm feeling rather huge to be honest... and am measuring 5 weeks ahead.  This is because I have Polyhydramnios {google it if you must} which is excess amniotic fluid.  I will be having a scan at 28 weeks, to make sure there is nothing wrong with bubs that could be causing it, or whether it's just "one of those things"


mealzrox88 said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Big but beautiful :-)

Scary about the polyhydramnios thing hun...I hope bubs is OK.

Sharlene said...

wow look at that bump hun.