November 06, 2010

Our Vegie Garden

At long last we have moved house, and are now fully settled in...

So it was time to plant out the vegie garden... Now being in a new house, we had to start from stratch {when I say me, I actually mean Ian and the kids - cause I'm too pregnant lol}

I didn't get any photo's of them digging the garden as I was too busy inside looking after Cam, but here are the pics of the finished result:

The brocolli and the pumpkins were started off site in pots at the old house, but they have transferred well, the Tomatoes and Capsicums are all newly bought and planted - still have carrots, radish, and cucumbers to plant

Strawberries and Peas transported from the old house... these are growing really well, so we won't transplant them into the ground

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