November 06, 2010

Nay's Chocolate Swap

Awhile ago, I signed up to be a part of Nay's Chocolate Swap... I love chocolate, so this seemed like a perfect swap for me...

As Renee had an odd number of people, this swap was more of a "pass it on" style swap, ie:

Person 1 buys for Person 2.
Person 2 buys for Person 3.
Person 3 buys for Person 1.
So the person buying for me was Helen from the UK.  Helen doesn't have a blog unfortunately so I am unable to direct you to her... but here's the wee stash she sent me:

I've taken two pics so you can kind of see it all... the Milky Way Magic Stars were such a hit with Cammy, that I have hidded the rest of the choccies and only eat them when he is in bed :)

The person I had to buy for was Benay from Japan I did a bit of reading on her blog before purchasing and sending her goodies to her, so I hope she likes :) I have had word from her in the last couple of days that she has recieved the parcel.

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