May 05, 2011

Weekly Love

Things I Love This Week

  1. The new carpet that has been chosen for my downstairs
  2. That Axel is such a good sleeper {this will come back to bite me in the behind I'm sure :) }
  3. That Cam is such a good big brother
  4. That Paris takes Axel for me every morning so I can have a shower
  5. That the hockey club I have moved Paris to this year actually cares about their members

1 comment:

Red Power Ranger said...

Hi, I like to see who my new followers are and I found you. Thanks for following me on my journey. Congrats on little Axel too, I LOVE that name. I was due to give birth on the 6th March, but lost the little bub. Hope I can catch up to you! You sound flat out! I like that you get to have a shower without an audience! Gotta love the innocence of kids. Have a great weekend...