October 22, 2011

Review: Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

At the 2010 Parent and Child Show in Auckland I came across this neat looking product made by Mumi&Bubi.

It was their Solids Starter Kit.

I thought it looked so cool, and so easy to use that I bought it there and then {my sister did too}.  I have had to wait quite a while to be able to use this product, as I was only 4mths when I purchased it, and Axel didn't start solids till he was 5 1/2mths, but boy oh boy it was well worth the wait.

It has made it soooo easy to make all of Axel's food, the starter kit saves time, freezer space, money and sanity.  The trays hold up to 21 cubes of food, and lie flat in the freezer - it's genius! AND it's so easy to pop the cubes out.  The Mumi&Bubi E-Recipe book is also great... I never would have thought to give Axel lentils or even corgette/zuccini if it hadn't been for the recipe book.

So a big thank to you to Mumi&Bubi, for coming up with something that, I believe, was extremely needed on the baby market, and is so great, fun and easy to use. 

Peaches and Pear ready to go into the freezer

pears and lentils

mmmm pumpkin {one of Axel's fav}

My only gripe - I don't have one to give away, and after I no longer need the kit for Axel's baby food, I know I'm still going to find lots of uses for my ones, so wont even be able to offer that one up for a competition.  Sorry guys

Disclaimer: this is a personal review, where I have actually gone out and bought the product, then decided to review it for you all

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Leesh said...

Watch this space for some good news about this product :)