October 30, 2011


I love tattoos... but I know they aren't for everyone... I am about to get a new tat or 2 in the next few months, so wanted to share with you my current ones :)

My 1st tat... got this one in 1998... It's my iguana, his scales are actually waves {a perfect left and right hand break}... this little guy {fred} really represents the beach person lover that I am... reason I choose an iguana to show it off - because they are cute :)

My 2nd tat... got this in 2005. Paris chose it off the wall... I love it

My 3rd tat... got this in January 2007... This one, I got for my dad. 03.09.1955 - 10.01.07... RIP
I was going through his art folder after he died, and his next Tattoo {he loved them like I do} was a dragon, similar to this, so I changed it to look cute and girlish, and for the tail to become an "S" for Steve

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