August 03, 2012

more on the house...

Because I am so super duper excited... I just want to talk about our NEW HOUSE all the time...

did I tell you guys, it's got 5 bedrooms?? yup you read that right, 5!!!! bedrooms!!!!

and a rumpus???!!!

and a conservatory???!!!

And the worlds biggest linen cupboard???!! {ok prob not the WORLDS biggest, but the biggest I've ever seen}

And I have photos!! you can view them here if you wish... or if you haven't already seen them on facebook, or CM

1 comment:

Angela Noelle said...

That cupboard is to die for.

And I think that's the first time I've used that expression...because it's kind of creepy to me...but I saw that cupboard!

Hope things haven't been to stressful.