August 09, 2012

To Do List - August

  • Scan all my pre-digital camera photo's onto the computer
  • Back up my computer
  • Buy a House
  • Sort through Axel's clothes and remove from his drawers, all that are now too small 
  • Go through the toys, get rid of all the too small baby-ish for the boys toys
  • Sort through the nappy covers and throw out all the ones that no longer do the job properly
  • Read the Fifty Shades Series
  • Move house
  • Contact phone, power, sky and let them know we are moving house
  • Sell lounge suite
  • Arrange helpers for moving day
  • Arrange a truck for moving day
Think that will do for August

1 comment:

mealzrox88 said...

jeepers! you're gonna be one busy mama!

love seeing 'buy a house' ticked off the list :-) congrats!!!