August 07, 2012

Review: Dettol Scrub 'n' Wipes

I was lucky enough to be asked to review this new Dettol product - Scrub 'n' Wipe.  With 4 kids running around my house, messing it up, putting their sticky fingers all over everything, I jumped at the opportunity.

The wipes arrived on the same day that my darling mr nearly 4 decided to put his Transformers stickers all over my wooden coffee table... and I couldn't get them off... at all... so I pulled out a wipe, and using the "rough" side, I managed to wipe {with NO scrubbing} all of the stickers off... then, I just flipped the wipe over to the "soft" side to give my coffee the BEST clean it has ever had - and let me tell you, I clean that puppy 2 or 3 or sometimes 5 or 6 or even more times a day! Since receiving this product, I have been using it every evening to clean my coffee table.

Also - we just bought a house, which means we also just gave notice on our rental property... I used this product to clean our 2 showers and they also look better than ever... the downstairs {kids} shower especially, I have been worked on getting that shower nice since we moved in, as I swear, I don't think the previous tenants EVER cleaned it... After using the "rough" side of the scrub 'n' wipes, it looks awesome... I finally would be willing to have a shower in the kids bathroom lol

My kitchen looks great now also - this product is awesome on ALL surfaces, my stainless steel sink and taps, my cheap kitchen cupboards, my benchtop, my whiteware - it all sparkles...

Since reviewing this product, I have run out, and bought more :) I highly recommend it to all...

It's smells nice, without leaving a lingering smell.  I have not suffered any reaction to it, and my skin reacts to LOTS of stuff.  And, it's easy to use.

I wish I had some photo's to post, but unfortunately as I am moving, photo's are pretty low on the priority list at the moment.


Time Flies said...

awesome will have to look out for some and get some...i need something like this :)

Time Flies said...

Ive been wanting to review products for a while, how do you get into it..