July 18, 2011

She's arrived

So I went out of town this weekend to my in-laws, and got a txt message on Saturday morning at 11am letting me know my sister in law's waters had broken and she was on her way to the hospital {she had a bad pregnancy, and had to head straight in if waters broke}... typical really - I go away for the weekend, a baby is born, it's like a little joke in our family...

Anyway... shortly before 6pm my gorgeous niece made her way into the world... missing her induction by 24hrs :)

I haven't met her yet... will be doing that tonight... and I can't wait


Weight: 8lb 6oz
lenght: 54 1/2 cm
Name: Daley {for those of you who know my brother or SIL you will know that they are league and rugby fanatics, and have named their darling little girl after Laurie Daley the league great}

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