September 14, 2014

Sunday with my boys

with hubby now working on Sundays, it was fast becoming the day of the week that I dreaded... it was an awful feeling, and I felt terrible for feeling it, but I couldn't help myself... we have no money for me to do things with the small boys... the teens are off doing their own thing each weekend, so I was left at home alone, with two boys who wanted to do things...

Last week, I decided that Sundays were no longer going to be a day a dread, but instead, a day of time spent doing things with Cammy and Axel...

So today, we baked... LOTS

We have artisan bread sitting on the bench rising as I type, we have made weetbix slice and cinnamon scrolls... the boys love baking and so do I, so it seemed like a perfect thing to do together...

Our bread before we covered it and set it aside to rise for a few hours

making the weetbix slice

Cinnamon Scrolls ready to go in the oven

Weetbix sliced all iced before going in the fridge to cool

Cinnamon Scrolls all iced waiting to be eaten

They were a hit!! the boys both informed me they were YUMMY!!

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