March 30, 2010


I have a blog lol...

not sure anyone will follow it, but I have one anyway :)

a bit about me to begin with... I am 30 years old... live with my partner Ian {36yrs} and our 3 kids... Paris {mine, 10yrs}, Josh {his, 10yrs} and Cammy {ours, 18mths}..

Life is extremely busy in our house... I work 30hrs a week for St John Youth... I am a Divisional Manager for St John Youth also {which is a volunteer role}, the kids have many afterschool activities that I am running them to and from every day but alais, I love it...

  • Monday - Paris and me - St John
  • Tuesday - free day
  • Wednesday - Paris and Josh - Swimming Lessons, Me - Pilates
  • Thursday - Paris - Hockey practice, Josh - Soccer Practice {at this stage - may change to wednesday}
  • Friday - free day during winter, Paris - Hockey academy during summer
  • Saturday - in winter is spent at the kids sports fields lol

Poor Cam has just had to slot in from day one :)

I was a single mum to Paris for 7 years, so we have pretty amazing bond. during those 7 years I also created a Forum Chat Website for single parents - you can find that at

Well thats all for now... fingers crossed I get the hang of this blogging, and don't bore you all to death :)

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Renee said...

Welcome to blogging, Leesh :) May you have a wonderful blogging journey. I'm looking forward to following you!