January 14, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is amazing... you just gotta love it :)

And I do... but the difference between this years summer and previous years summer is I am 32 weeks pregnant... and I'm feeling it!! the heat is imense - i've been told it's unusually hot this year anyway and even my non pregnant friends are suffering...

The kids are coping {just}... as long as we take them to the beach every afternoon... and on that note - the beach has been amazing!! The water has been unusually warm also, and you just walk right on in... no having to ease yourself in and work up to putting you head under water... it's blissful

Josh is having a friend come to stay for 3 nights {arriving today} so fingers crossed they behave themselves, cause the biggest thing I've noticed with this heat is my lack of tolerence...

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