April 08, 2011


Cam has had two hair cuts this year...  The first was over the summer holidays... when he went from this:

To this:

and then today it all got cut off as it was looking unruly... so from this:

To this:

and just like that... he looks so grown up!! I can't get over it...


Renee said...

OMG - he does look so grown up!!! Like a real little boy rather than a baby/toddler-ish little boy.

Times-are-a-changing and Cammy has stepped up to the Big Brother role with wee Axel arriving :D

mealzrox88 said...

omg he looks sooooo different and so much older! VERY cute :-)

Time Flies said...

omg yup grown up is right...i like his new look:)