April 04, 2011

I'm still here...

but obviously with the arrival of Axel into my already hectic life, I'm lacking the ability to find time to do anything :)

I missed the "photo of the month" in March... but I think I can forgive myself :)

Today is my first day as a SAHM to a toddler and a newborn... Ian took last week off work to help me out, but I'm on my own from here on in... it certainly hasn't been easy let me assure you... Cam woke at 5.20 and didn't go back to sleep, so we started off on the wrong foot there... and his tiredness has shown through in all that he has done this morning... and boy oh boy has he tested my patience... and Axel has decided that today, sleep is over rated, so I've had him up most of the morning too... I did get him to sleep for a bit but Cam woke him up *sigh*

Roll on Tuesday as Cam has daycare so I can re-learn how to parent a newborn without having to worry about a toddler aswell...

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